Give Focus to the Gifts of the Spirit

Giving gifts is a tradition, almost embedded in most people’s psyches. Giving a present or a gift to someone is an act without the need of anything in return or recompense. Even an empty gift is not really a gift, since the one to whom it’s given cannot claim ownership of it. Gifts are usually given for different occasions and to different individuals. A gift given secretly to a loved one can be more touching than an extravagant, open, public display of wealth.

Even though the gift-giving may involve only a hope of recompense, a good gift isn’t just intended to be free. It involves some planning and organization. When you give a present to somebody, it’s not like you just go up and grab them. They are the ones who have asked for it, after all. If you’re looking to give the perfect gift to a person who is close to you, consider putting together a Hardin county community endowment.

If you don’t really understand what a Hardin county community endowment is, allow me to explain it. It’s a membership group with various levels of spiritual commitment. At every level, you will get a variety of gifts and items from which to choose from. These include beautiful clothing, jewelry, beautiful home decor, furniture, and other types of personal and/or spiritual gifts. If you want a spiritual gift this year, consider joining a hardin community. You’ll be able to give the perfect gift during the holiday season and beyond.

I’m telling you something that I’ve noticed over the years. People who aren’t Christians quite often give you religious gifts. Why is this? Is it because they believe in the existence of a miracle? Or is it because they have some “divine” or “mystical” powers that they believe can help them make people happy?

What if we took the time to examine the gifts of every believer? What would come to mind? We would think that there must be some common elements, right? And indeed there are many commonalities among spiritual gifts. But here’s the thing: every Christian can possess all of these things.

Now then, I’d like to share with you some of the amazing things that a Christian can experience as well. One of the amazing gifts of a true Christian is that he is able to experience the presence of God all of the time! This means that every Christian can experience seeing God face to face – in the Eucharist! Another amazing spiritual gift that a true Christian can have is the ability to serve others. The ability to serve others comes with the ability to see God’s kingdom as being far greater than our own.

In addition to these two amazing spiritual gifts that a true Christian has, there are also quite a few manifestation gifts that he is blessed with. For example, Jesus was so blessed by the Holy Spirit that He was able to perform three miracles. When he was on the cross he was given the power to raise up the dead, to cast out demons and to heal those who were suffering. Then he talked to those who had been afar off and he invited them to enter the kingdom of Heaven.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving others and having the ability to help others at the same time. In fact, this is what the Bible is all about – living a life that is ministry to others – by laying your whole heart, soul and mind into it. So, why does a Christian need to give emphasis on the gifts of the spirit? Because the gifts of the spirit are what set apart the true Christians from the false, unspiritual Christians.