Star OUTiCO – Pharmaceutical Recruitment Agency Part of the Uniphar Group

Star OUTiCO – Pharmaceutical Recruitment Agency Part of the Uniphar Group

Star Medical was founded in 2002. Star Medical has a sterling reputation as a specialist pharmaceutical recruiter. It has been able to successfully place candidates in positions across the life science industry that includes marketing, medical devices, and pharmaceutical sales. In 2015 the company was purchased by the Uniphar Group, one of the top providers of commercial sales solutions. OUTiCO, the company’s subsidiary was established in 2010. It communicates with Health Care Professionals via their preferred channel. This has led to an outstanding commercial result for the clients.

Star OUTiCO, a recruitment agency for pharmaceutical companies is a great job opportunity.

Star OUTiCO is an insights-driven sales company that assists medical device and pharmaceutical companies improve their commercial impact and better outcomes for patients. Star OUTiCO was founded in 2002 and has a long track record of recruiting for market access as well as medical device and pharmaceutical roles. Uniphar Group acquired the company in 2015. It has become one of the top global providers of commercial sales solutions. Star OUTiCO is a pharmaceutical and medical recruitment agency that is part of the Uniphar Group.

The company has offices across the UK, Ireland, and Europe. Pharmaceutical Recruitment Agency has a branch in Rugby, at 11 Davy Court, Castle Mound Way. Its focus is on helping patients avoid complications and to promote long-term vision clarity.

It is part of the Uniphar Group

Star OUTiCO, a market leader in digitally enabled services for the pharmaceutical industry is Star OUTiCO. As part of the Uniphar Group, the company provides integrated outsourced sales solutions that support the commercial strategy of a client and enhance clinical outcomes. OUTiCO has invested heavily in digital capabilities, including a platform known as AXiOM. This platform allows the company to gather real-time program data from multiple sources.

Uniphar is a diversified healthcare services business that is based in Ireland. It provides services to multinational pharmaceutical and medical technology companies around the world. It employs more than 2,900 employees in Europe as well as the USA, and generates annual revenues of EUR1.9 billion.

It is a multi-channel sales company

Star OUTiCO is a global supplier of digitally enabled commercial services to the pharmaceutical industry. Uniphar Group’s company, it has been working with recruitment agencies and pharmaceutical firms since 2017. The company’s primary focus is helping health care providers adapt to the ever-changing environment of commercialisation. Its brand new identity is a reflection of its strong digital capabilities, which include its proprietary AXiOM platform, which gathers real-time program data from a variety of sources.

The company operates across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Its multi-channel sales model helps companies to achieve stronger commercial results while improving the outcome of patients. Advanced plans allow customers to join additional teams at no cost.