Community Woodland - Brimsmore Key Site

The Planting of a Community Woodland is to be provided as part of a future development of the Brimsmore Key Site.

The Woodland Area will be planted on the outer side of the Link Road to the west of the future Brimsmore development.

The area will provide an attractive amenity area for Brimsmore residents as well as providing a diverse habitat for wildlife.

It is proposed that the Community Woodland be planted in three phases:

Section A after 250 houses are built - In progress, for further info see Wyatt Homes website

Section B after 690 houses are built

Section C after 750 houses are built on completion of 90% of the scheme.

The delivery of the Community Woodland is tied to the planning consent granted for the development of Brimsmore. It has been suggested that children from the proposed new primary school could each plant a sapling in the Woodland Area to help give the Brimsmore community 'ownership' of the woodland.

The woodland has the potential to be a very special space:

  • creative space for play close to home
  • breathing space for people to escape to
  • living space for nature
  • vibrant space between town and countryside
  • growing space that will be tomorrow's landscape for all to enjoy
For further information please contact Rob Archer Principal Landscape Officer, South Somerset District Council.

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Rob Archer, Principal Landscape Officer for South Somerset Distruct Council said The community woodland proposal scores highly on many levels: It will provide high-quality public space for the town's expanding population; its location to the north of town will complement Yeovil Country Park to the south; it will provide an attractive woodland buffer and landscape feature between the town's new edge and the wider countryside; and create a space for people and nature to interact. It is also a positive example of the Planning authority and Developer working together to create a living legacy for the future.

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