Data On Yeovil

This resource page provides access to the latest regional economic data, reports and strategies for those planning regeneration, development or renewal projects in the South West. Click on downloads to access publications produced by Yeovil Vision and its funding partners: Yeovil Town Council and South Somerset District Council, which relate to the regeneration of the area. 


These include:

  • South Somerset Local Plan
  • Delivery Plan
  • Foundry House Brief
  • Market Street Development Plan
  • SSDC Play Policy
  • SSDC Play Strategy
  • Reckleford Plan
  • Regional Spatial Strategy
  • SSDC Sustainable Communities Strategy
  • Yeovil Sustainability Strategy
  • Town Centre Local Development Profile
  • Yeovil Transport Appraisal
  • An Introduction to South Somerset
  • Yeovil Town Map
  • Yeovil Urban Development Framework

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Useful Links

Please use the following links to access further information from our Partners and Government Department information sites.

Yeovil Town Council

This website provides the unique and stunning facility for viewing and walking through a 3D model of the town. This allows you to window-shop in virtual reality and to look up details on shops, businesses and other facilities by simply pointing and clicking the mouse.

Yeovil Chamber of Commerce

With over 160 member companies, representing all types of business from sole traders to Westland the Chamber provides a strong voice for businesses, practical support and the opportunity to meet and network with business people from a wide range of sectors.

Yeovil Innovation Centre

The Yeovil Innovation Centre provides companies with a professional infrastructure and image. With purpose-designed office space and business suites complemented by state-of-the-art communications, the centre provides an ideal location for high growth, innovative businesses. The all-inclusive monthly charges and in-house business support enables companies to plan their expenditure whilst nurturing their growth.

Discover South Somerset

Your online guide to the best places to eat, stay, visit and explore in South Somerset.

South Somerset Together (Local Strategic Partnership)

A partnership of public, private and voluntary sector organisations that are committed to working together to improve the quality of life of everyone in South Somerset. South Somerset Together is responsible for the development and delivery of the Sustainable Community Strategy (2008-2026) which is a blue print for how partners will work in new and better ways to address the really challenging issues and trends we will face over the next twenty year. As the champion of sustainablility the partnership supports actions that address climate change, reduce carbon emissions and resource waste while supporting people of all ages to live fulfilling and happy lives.

Into Somerset

The Into Somerset Team provides a hot link to growing your business in Somerset with information and introductions to assist with your relocation.

Yeovil Labour Market Profile

A summary of information from NOMIS for the six wards of Yeovil.

South Somerset District Council’s Statistical Information Site

This site provides data, statistics and information to support the council and external organisations. It is a free service to residents, groups and businesses for basic enquiries.

Taunton and South Somerset Housing Market Partnership website

Download the reports that form the Taunton & South Somerset Strategic Housing Market Assessments (SHMA) here. These include the SHMA reports, the District Housing Needs Survey Analysis reports and the Strategic Housing Land Viability Assessment.

NOMIS Official Labour Market Statistics

View a labour market profile of an area. Includes data on population, employment, unemployment, qualifications, earnings, benefit claimants and businesses.

Somerset County Council Economic Intelligence Data

Access the latest economic data (business growth, deprivation, earnings, house prices, productivity and unemployment). These indicators compare the county with the regional and national averages, and also go down to a sub-county level where available.

South West of England Regional Development Agency

Leads the development of a sustainable economy in the South West, investing to unlock the region's business potential. Further links to the Regional Spatial Strategy Final Documents.

The South West Observatory

The South West Observatory and partners have updated the State of the South West reference guide to environmental, social and economic characteristics of the region. It gives an accurate assessment and analysis of information for the South West, across a broad range of policy themes, presenting key issues and priorities along with supporting data.  
This is a product for the South West demonstrating collaborative working and drawing on an extensive reservoir of knowledge. Contributors to the report range from academics, researchers and policy analysts. The report not only presents individual topics, but reflects the links between cross-cutting themes, integrating these into the report.


Useful Links to Government Departments

Includes Office for National Statistics, Department for Communities and Local Government, The South West Observatory, Department for Work and Pensions and Land Registry

Historical Perspectives

Links to short articles that highlight the entrepeneurial and manufacturing history of Yeovil written by local historian Jack Sweet. A History of Petter's Engineering Innovations, Yeovil Borough Council's Innovations in Public Housing and Yeovil and the St Ivel Brand.  A snapshot of Yeovil in 1933 and Yeovil at work in the 1930s, both provided courtesy of South Somerset Museum, Yeovil Back in Time facebook group page.




Some Key Facts on
South Somerset

  • The population of South Somerset is estimated to top 180,000 by 2011
  • Over 25% of the population is aged over 60
  • The South Somerset district covers 376 square miles encompassing 1025 miles of Rights of Way
  • 72% of the population live in rural areas
  • The district has a strong service, shopping and technology employment base
  • Unemployment is lower than regional and national average
  • Major regeneration of Yeovil (£10M plus) as part of Yeovil Vision
  • SSDC is the No1 Council in the country for sending the least amount of waste to landfill (DEFRA – Nov 2007)


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