Princes Street

Phase Two works now complete

Over the last 5 years, the Princes Street Enhancement scheme has delivered public realm enhancements to the entire length of Princes Street and some of the linked streets. The first phase of works was completed in 2009 and the second phase of works was recently completed.

How did the enhancements come about?

Some years ago there were a growing number of complaints regarding the poor footpath surfaces and the overall perception of the subways. Princes Street was also identified as a key area in need of improvement through audits by the Somerset County Council heritage team, and as part of production of the Urban Development Framework. Some of the issues highlighted included:

• Narrow footways & Illegally parked vehicles on footways
• Poor quality street scene
• An abundance of street furniture clutter
• Existing wide pedestrian crossing point being difficult to negotiate
• Dominating vehicles create an imbalance between pedestrians
• and drivers
• Poor signage and paths not corresponding with desire line
• Unwelcoming subway and overgrown vegetation and clutter
• around subway entrances

Who was involved?

Driving forward the regeneration of this area was a partnership of representatives from Town, District and County Councils, Yeovil Vision, Yeovil Town Centre Partnership, Yeovil Hospital and Yeovil College. These representatives formed an Improvement Group who have worked together to raise the quality of the environment through a phasing of enhancement works.

The overall scheme objectives identified by the Princes Street improvement group were;

• Improve pedestrian links between the town centre, college and hospital,
• Reduce vehicle speeds entering Princes Street from Park Road,
• Enhance the character of Princes Street,
• Shift the emphasis of the street from motorist to pedestrian,
• Improve the subways and its environs,
• Integration of creativity and public art where achievable For more information about what was delivered through the Princes Street Enhancement Scheme Phase Two please see our newsletter July 2013.

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Princes Street July 07

New Paving

Old Paving

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