Falling in Love with an escort is very easy to do

Why Not Fall In Love With An Escort

Are you falling in love with an escort? Has your usual excitement when seeing her transformed into butterflies? Waking up thinking about her. Planning your time and money to see her again. Your thoughts are uncontrollable towards her. You feel vulnerable, you can’t eat or sleep. You miss being with her. Life is better in her company. You find yourself viewing her profile to see when she’s specifically working. You won’t be the first to love an escort and certainly not the last. There are also many escorts that want a sugar daddy or love the film “Pretty woman”.  

Can you have a future with an escort in a real-life relationship? In theory, it sounds perfect. You’ve probably spent many hours in her company. You know she’s great in bed and you’re sexually compatible. You find her sexually attractive. She’s a great listener and conversationalist. She knows your secret sexual fantasies. She shows you affection and is always happy to see you. You feel her Girlfriend Experience is true. 

But is the feeling reciprocated? The answer is, probably not! She treats all of her clients in this manner. Afterall, she is simply doing an escort job. The escort that you are with, is in essence an actress. Of course, she wants to make you happy, because that means she earns money. If you fall in love with an escort, it simply means she is good at her job! She is offering an escort service.  

Escorts have a private life! Some may be in a relationship with a boyfriend, lesbian partner or even married. She may have children. Like any person, there is baggage from their past. Escorts use an alias name, so you will not even know her true identity.  

There have been many clients who have become obsessed with their favourite escort. This is when the business relationship becomes unhealthy mentally. They wonder who she is with. They stalk her profile page and her working location. They try to push the escort to exchange personal phone numbers. They try to push the escort to do a private job without the escort agencies knowledge. They use all of their savings to book her working hours, so no other client can book her. They want to drive her home, to find out personal information about her. This only leads to trouble. If an escort agrees, she usually ends up regretting it. Often a restraining order is needed for the client.  

There becomes insecurities. In her spare time, she doesn’t want to entertain the client aka her new boyfriend. She doesn’t want sex every night. Knowing that she was an escort, he cannot understand why her behavior towards him has changed. He does not trust her that she is not still doing an escort job. She does not trust him that he is not visiting escorts. It is safe to say through experience, when you fall in love with an escort, it never works out. It’s a dangerous game of lust and obsession.  

There are some clients who “come to their senses” and actually ask the escort agency to ban them from booking! They realise that how they are behaving is obsessive and addictive. They realise that the relationship they feel they have, is not true in reality. They realise that they have fallen in love with the escorts acting skills and not the female herself. They realise that they are wasting their money buying the love of an escort that will never materialise into anything more.